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Certified ISO 9001/2000


T.C.M. s.r.l.

TCM srl is a young, dynamic, serious and reliable company.
Important and indispensable requirements to prevail in the workplace. Overhead crane, forklift, positioning, turning, painting booth, and many other facilities are made available for proper and quick working method, with the intention of being able to further reduce production costs.

For sites outside of long duration, we provide 6 meter containers equipped to suit a specific job, we have also created a couple who act as machine shop, equipped with lathe, bench grinder, radial drill and tools in general. Even the office containers are our standard delivery.

Our company has acquired over the years working experience in steel mills and foundries, power plants for power generation, pharmaceutical plants, refineries, focusing not only on Italian territory, but by exporting up its own knowledge management and labor from South America, Asia, Europe and North Africa.

Certified ISO 9001/2000, TCM was founded with the intent to provide support to large companies by providing skilled labor for the construction of pipes of any kind:

  • high pressure
  • compression fittings
  • welds radiographed
  • mechanical assembly of high precision and general industrial assembly

On a surface of 2000 square meters, of which 1200 square meters, in our office we are able to realize from the small to medium fabrication, piping and skid of any kind, availing ourselves of our technical office for any engineering and technical consulting.

Our Plus

Hydraulic Systems

In collaboration with Oiltec s.r.l.

Container Supply

6 meters of mechanical workshop or office


Many industrial areas of experience


We provide specialized building inspectors


We invest in hi-tech equipment